A discussion of tim burtons works and its themes

This remake of Planet of the Apes can't compare to the original in some critics' mind, but the striking visuals and B-movie charms may win you over. Planet of the Apes Photos View All Photos 20 Movie Info This big budget "re-imagining" of the original departs somewhat from both that classic science fiction film and the source novel by author Pierre Boulle.

A discussion of tim burtons works and its themes

Ever since the book was published, there have been numerous adaptations made after it, among the most recent being the Disney film Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton.

The Disney film is loosely based on the popular novel as well as its sequel Through the Looking Glass.

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The obvious changes made to the story, combined with the distinct design of Burton, generated a great deal of controversy as critics accused that the version was too significantly untrue to the spirit of the original works.

Additionally, Burton adds his signature nightmare approach to the film. Rather than staying true to the original text, he uses significant characters borrowed from the Alice books to create an entirely new narrative or it can be seen as a continuation of the Alice books.

A discussion of tim burtons works and its themes

In the film Burton explores the question: What if Alice returned to Wonderland when she was older? As a result, he addresses the struggle of identity, as well as place and meaning in the experience of growing up.

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She feels increasingly uncertain about who she is, as she is reshaped according to the wishes of others and is contemplating a marriage proposal to a pretentious, titled young man she does not love. Alice enters Underland via IMDB When she must make the decision as to whether she will become engaged to the ridiculous man, she sees the White Rabbit and runs after it.

Alice falls down the rabbit hole, in one of the only scenes highly reminiscent of the book, and finds herself not in the bright Wonderland of her dreams, but in the twisted, barren world known as Underland. At the conclusion of the film, a climactic battle scene follows, taking place on a chess board surrounded by the opposing card soldiers of the Red and White Queens two sisters at odds for the rule of Underland.

After slaying the monster and giving the rule of Underland back to the good White Queen, Alice returns to Victorian society a changed woman. As such, Burton creates a the desolate and depressing world of Underland, highlighting only the negative undertones of the original stories.

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Moreover, the Jabberwocky itself is only mentioned briefly in a poem in Through the Looking-Glass, while the presence of the Jabberwocky is central to the conflict and progression of the film. As a result, Burton establishes a clear struggle between good and evil that, while it helps the adult Alice mature into the strong young woman, seems disconnected from the nonsensical spirit of the novels.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized by Madison Herbert. I thought the selection of actors in this film were just remarkable!An Analysis of Tim Burton as an Auteur: Part 1-Major Themes August 16, by Andy Noviello I have finally finished watching all of the films that Tim Burton directed, and all of the ones he produced, except for Cabin Boy which I cannot seem to find anywhere.

Tim Burtons movies like Nightmare before christmas or Sweeney Todd have dark themes characteristic for his style Mary and Max - dark artstyle animation 1 year agoplombier-nemours.com In Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange and Tim Burtons Batman manipulation of the human face strengthens the themes of madness and fear.

In both films the torturer/manipulator has the intention of altering the individuals status making them ‘better’ in the manipulators eye ultimately contributing to the sense of madness in the plombier-nemours.com  · Rachel Elfassy Bitoun Thank you very much for all this nice feedback, and I am glad you enjoyed the article!

The topic is fascinating and horror films have so much more to give if one takes the time to analyse plombier-nemours.com://plombier-nemours.com  · Conflict Theory and the Conflict in Northern Ireland.


William G. Cunningham Jr. A thesis submitted in complete fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of plombier-nemours.com  · Nine years ago Tim Burton's The Nightmare before Christmas (Selick, ) (2) impressed animators as well as film critics with its dazzling mastery of stop-motion plombier-nemours.com

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