A discussion on the life on atlantis

You will test the working definition of myth offered in the previous chapter against a story whose author is well known.

A discussion on the life on atlantis

Whereas the SGC on earth is basically a normal military base on earth, which will have no problem sustaining itself with supplies and basic life necessities, the Atlantis is an outpost of non-human design Ancient, if you willand may have a very different take on supporting human life on the other side of the galaxy.

Now, within the show, Atlantis has been shown to provide breathable atmosphere for human life and sufficient power generation from the portable naquadah generators as well as any non-ZPM power generation on the city be it solar, ocean currents, wind, nuclear, anything the ancients came up with to power the place without using ZPMs.

However, the show never touches on important aspects such as fresh water supply and food, at least not explicitly. Here are my theories on how they sustain daily life on Atlantis in terms of food and water supply: This is very realistic, although I am sure Col. Sheperd would be tired of eating MREs all the time.

But on the very latest episode there is a scene which involves dining and salads were present, indicating that the Atlantis may have fresh supplies of vegetables from somewhere Earth or otherwise. In fact, they may simply just trade with the Athosians who are agrarian in nature, who are living on the mainland of the planet where Atlantis is located.

Assuming similar conditions to earth, it is very likely they have a good supply of fresh water for agriculture and daily life needs. Now that food and water have been taken care of, I would like to move to another subject: It is mentioned couple of times by various characters that they are going for a quick shower and what not, but they never show the designs of shower and toilet for personal needs.

Are they using earth modified restrooms, or the Ancients have already provided personal "refresher" rooms on their living quarters - very plausible in reality. And a bathroom designed by the Ancients would be a very interesting subject to discuss in a random episode, for example of holographic mirrors, health detectors, and I highly doubt they still use toilet papers in a civilization as advanced as theirs.

Final subject on my thread - barber shop. On SGC, since it is located on earth, finding a good barber on a missile silo is not unheard of, and the personnels can always drive home to get some haircut. Considering how the Atlantis expedition team have their hairs properly maintained, we can safely assume that one of the personnels of the expedition team has hair styling skills that is being utilized by the the rest of the expedition members.

It would probably make an interesting episode and character, too. The Atlantis barber, rooms across from Dr. I hope you guys enjoy my theories on living on Atlantis.search essay examples. browse by category. browse by type.

Get Expert. Essay Editing Help. Account of the Life and Contributions to Atlantis by Plato. 1, words. 2 pages. In Search for the Lost City of Atlantis. 2, words. A History and Discussion of the Lost Continent of Atlantis. words. 2 pages. Scholars Proves the Existence. Atlantis was a much advance civilization than the description of your client’s past life experience.

according to her regression, the people of that land travel on foot mostly or on the back of animals, Now, if it was at the early period of Atlantis than it’s plausible,but to said an Empire/civilization that once conquer most parts of Europe, minor Asia and Egypt, and she said she also.

A Closer Look: Is Plato’s Story of Atlantis a Myth? you should have learned • about Plato’s life and work Plato intended to pass along historical fact or simply to offer a “likely story” for the purposes of philosophical discussion, the Atlantis story is a “culturally significant work of .

Life in Atlantis.

A discussion on the life on atlantis

There were many wonderful things about life in Atlantis. It was beautiful and for hundreds of thousands of years it was harmonious. The whole of life on Atlantis was an unseen harmonious integration of all the kingdoms – plants, minerals, animals, and vegetables.

Everybody played a part, and everyone knew that their contribution was essential for the overall running of our civilization. Aug 11,  · Daily Life on Atlantis (a.k.a. the Atlantis Barber thread) These are just a couple of questions that have been bugging me for a while, mainly because that in the timespan of more than a year of watching atlantis, we never get to see on how daily life really works on Atlantis in greater detail.

Plato's Myth of Atlantis