Analysis of book titles in the poisonwood bible essay

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Analysis of book titles in the poisonwood bible essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Ever since the sin of Adam and Eve came into existence, the promise of bringing back the salvation through the messiah came alive.

God primarily gave signs of the coming of the messiah. He used the Pentateuch [the first five books of the old testament, including the book of Isaiah] of the Hebrew Scriptures to evaluate how the prophets tried to set the path of information for the Israelites to see that their messiah is already coming to give them the salvation that they needed from being slaves of sin.

The concentration that the author has devoted upon the pages of the first books of the Bible helped him recognize the prophecies and the accurate times when they were presented to the public, has made this particular written work a strong basis of the prophetic view of the coming of the Messiah.

The broad explanation of the primary prophecies that pertain to the coming of the Messiah has mainly been enhanced to help the new generation understand the importance of these prophecies towards their own lives.

It could also be noticed that because the author used the original Hebrew translation of the Bible, the grammatical structure of the Hebrew language has also been explained clearly to help the reader understand the translations more deeply. Comparison with Other Books Other books that pertain to the Messiah particularly pertain to the different aspects that the prophets used to be able to foretell the coming of the promised Lord of Salvation.

Their constant referring to the prophecies alone and not seeing deeper behind the background of the prophecies make them different from this particular book of Kaiser. Through the chronological approach of Kaiser, it could be observed that he was able to trace the time and the reason behind the prophecies that were presented to the Israelites about the Messiah.

Basing from the history of Israel, it could be observed that they waited for the coming of Christ for several generations passing them. Meaning it took several years for the actual Messiah to come to life.

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Hence, the interpretation of each generation on the prophecies varied from time to time. Through the translation of prophecies that Keiser used in his book, it could not be denied that he was able to get the gist of the prophecies and present their interpretations in a more clarified manner, a clarity that most modern Christians would be able to understand.

Aside form this particular difference form other books, Keiser was also able to elaborate the different main themes of the existence of the messiah. Critical Analysis The chronological approach that the author used in presenting the informations that are vital for the presentation of this book is indeed a particular asset of the book.

The capability of the writer to see beyond what has been written through further researches that has been made for the effectiveness of the information that is to be presented in this reading material has made it a particular source of primary knowledge that helps readers understand the prophecies in clarity.

The utilization of the Old Testament and the original translation of the Hebrew Scriptures makes this particular book a source of Valid information regarding the accuracy of the presentation of details that connects the prophecies to the coming of the promised Messiah.

Unlike other books, the Messiah in the Old Testament helps the new generation of Christians understand the deeper meaning of the past prophecies with the present society that they are living in today.

This book insists that the history of the Israelites and the prophecies pertaining to the coming of the Messiah is not a mere part of history that should simply be read because of its legacy. The specificity of the presentation of the informations that are vital for the completion of this book lead to its accuracy and vitality for the Christian belief and believers as well.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Book The Messiah in the Old Testament is particularly strong with regards its discussion of the primary prophecies that helped the Israelites hope untiringly for their savior.

The clarified discussion of the major characteristics and the name titles of the Messiah helped through with the belief of the Israelites of what their Messiah would much be like. In the same manner, the present society is given an overview of who and how the messiah or Christ have mainly impacted the life of the people before, and in the same way encourages the present generation of Christians to act in the same way.

The clarity of the informations in this particular book brings to life the actual hope that the Israelites felt upon knowing the prophecies that particularly helped them believe that their messiah would be coming to save them from all the strives and the enslavements that they dealt with not only with their human invaders but also with their personal sins.

Although this book is particularly strong as to how it presented the information, the usage of the Hebrew Scriptures in its original translation may confuse others who are not familiar with the said organization of words that the Hebrew language used.

Although the author himself provided a clarified discussion with regards the Hebrew grammar, the readers may still incur several misunderstanding on some parts of the book, especially the new generation readers who are more attracted to reading modern-styled writings. Overall Evaluation This book is indeed an important read especially for those who are specializing in Christian belief.

To be able to know what the future holds depending on the promises of the Bible, it is essential to know the past prophecies pertaining to the promise of God of saving the entire humanity from the strife that sin brings about to human living.

Analysis of book titles in the poisonwood bible essay

The clarity of the book reduced the complication that most authored works failed to address within their context. Reaction and Recommendations The Messiah in the Old Testament by Keiser is a deep evaluation of the prophecies that were written in the Old Testament regarding the coming of the promised Messiah.

The integrated use of the original translation of the Hebrew Scriptures along with the deepened research processes that the author made, the success of this book became possible.

It is indeed a fine read especially for the ones who would want to understand the importance of the Old Testament with the entire theme that the Bible holds with regards the savior that God promised. Certainly, the involvement of thorough examination with the present situation of the time when the prophecies were proclaimed indeed helps the reader understand particular questions.

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