Book review of the hatchet

Think about how Brian changes during his experiences and make sure that is apparent in each letter. What is most important to Brian while he is on the plane?

Book review of the hatchet

He realizes that somehow he is telegraphing his motion before he thrusts the spear. The fish see it and flash away. As Brian is searching for just the right materials to create his bow and arrow, he sees a little bird that reminds him of a very small chicken, which he very nearly steps on before it takes flight away from him.

That, too, becomes a possible source for food. Then, as he is chopping and shaping his bow, Brian hears the persistent whine of a plane engine, and he drops everything to race to the bluff where he has built his signal fire.

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He very nearly has it going when the sound moves away abruptly as if the plane had turned. Then, Brian feels the crushing thought that the searchers are not going to return, not now, not ever.

He feels the tears begin to fall and thinks all the work he has done is silly, just a game. He knows he cannot play this game without hope and now hope seems to have died. It is his feeling that his family and everyone that means anything to him have left him behind, and he is more alone than he has ever been.

Summary The chapter begins with Brian in the water, standing quietly, hoping to make the kill. It is then, at the moment when he most needs the help, that he has another encounter: There, two steps ahead, is a mother bear, and had he taken those steps, he would have been between her and her two cubs.

He stands there patiently and waits for her to leave just as he did with the other bear and once again, it works.

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Then, he sees a wolf, up and away from the lake. The size of this animal and its yellow eyes momentarily freeze him, but he soon comes to the realization that it, like the bears, are just another part of the woods as he is now, and the fear leaves him.

He nods to it and the three that follow it and smiles at each. They quietly trot away, and once again, Brian realizes that he is completely changed now.

In the forty-seven days since he has crashed in the lake, he has died and been re-born. He is reminded of the awful night when the plane had turned and left him behind and how he had laid on the rocky ledge all night with a feeling he called clouddown, a feeling when made him want to take the hatchet and end it all.

He had even taken his hatchet and made many cuts on his arm as if to test his ability to kill himself. However, the blood he sees at first light makes him hate what he thinks of as the old Brian - the weak Brian - and at that moment, two thoughts come into his mind. First, he is not the same, and second, he will not die, and he will not let death in again.

So, Brian takes on the new task of making the perfect bow.

Book review of the hatchet

He uses the lace from his tennis shoe to make the bow string and he makes the bow itself several times until it is more flexible. Then, he realizes that he is not hitting the fish, because he has forgotten that water refracts - bends light - and that the fish are not where they appear to be.

He needs to aim just under them. Finally, he makes his first hit, and it is a golden moment for him.Read full book review > CHILDREN'S.

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Released: May 10, Reviewed: Jan. 20, (Gary Paulsen has twice run the Iditarod). Another tautly written survival story, much like Hatchet (, Newbery Honor Book) in design, though not in incident.

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Space Australia. The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen was a great "chapter book" for our family.

Hatchet Answer (Private)

My boys are 10 and 6 years old. They could remember each night what happened the night before because they really cared about the main character, Brian/5(2K).

A hatchet is a great tool for the outdoor enthusiast, as its small size and moderate weight won't add much burden to the hiker's pack, yet its versatility will add much in the way of .

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