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So that when you see double "double quotes" it's commented code, you can uncomment it by removing the double "double quotes", the single "double quotes" mean "I'm just a comment" and are not to be "uncommented", makes sense?. Do not hesitate to ask if another doubt comes up!

Englisch klausur write a comment

One Step at a Time

Write your friend a letter about the following advertisement: Want to work with computers? School leavers with good reports. Are you looking for a job with a secure future and excellent prospects?

Why does this employer take Peter? Manager Come and sit down, Peter, and tell me why you would like to train as a hairdresser. Peter Well, I'm good with my hands.

You know, I like making models and I'm good at drawing and painting. Manager Yes, that's very important. But you do understand, don't you, that this job is hard work. You'll have to stand all day and some of the customers are quite irritating. Peter I don't mind that. I'm fit and I like talking to people.

Manager Yes, but most of my customers will be women. You can't talk football to them all the time.


Peter I quite understand. It would be silly to train as a ladies hairdresser if I didn't like talking to women. I really want to make a success of this job and learn all there is to learn. Manager Well, I like your determination: But you're not expecting high pay at once, I hope. The hours are long, and you won't get any tips until your second or third year here.

I can offer you 5o pounds a week to start. Peter You mean you'll take me? Thank you very much, Mr Belgarnie. Write your letter of application to the following advertisement:Hallo, ich bin neu hier und wollte gerne meine Summary hier mal kontrollieren lassen, weil ich Dienstag eine Klausur..

Write a Comment Ich schreibe morgen eine Klausur in . 40% der Gesamtnote - so viel wiegt die "Sprachliche Angemessenheit" bei einer Klausur in der gymnasialen Oberstufe.

Rechnet man noch die 20% für die "Sprachliche Richtigkeit" dazu, so wird die Note maßgeblich vom korrekten und eleganten Umgang mit der Sprache Englisch bestimmt.

what we’ll be doing in our course. who’d like to write (–> next Tue)?

englisch klausur write a comment

Abi-Klausur example; some more useful vocab; Wed, March 17th. In groups/pairs without me, results to be presented next week Wednesday, the day before the Klausur.

the American Frontier –> connection to Destiny, Kennedy, etc.

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The 3 biggest improvements you can make to your English writing The key to understanding natural spoken English 5 steps to achieving your New Year's resolutions. S U ' Hochschule Koblenz - University of Applied Sciences Rhel n Ah r AI Rhein Ahr Campus Joseph-RovanAllee 2 Iii You can, too!

Your summary: 2.

englisch klausur write a comment

Using visual aids effectively: Comment on the below slide from a minute PowerPoint on “Steps to Studying Abroad” (for an academic audience). (10 pts) '0 Write down five different.

How to write a summary: Functions on the web-site for teachers and learners of English as a secondary language from a German point of view Table of Contents How to write a .

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