Essays on recycling and the environment

An Essay On The E-Waste Article shared by Life, nowadays has become so fast and luxurious that we can not imagine it without the sophisticated electrical and electronic items.

Essays on recycling and the environment

Earthen tailings impoundment dam at Fort Knox gold mine in Alaska source: Copyright held by photographer Metals mining and ore processing directly impact the environment through deforestation, habitat destruction, and pollution. Common Essays on recycling and the environment include acid mine drainage and the use of toxic chemicals, such as cyanide.

The supply chain, from ore in the ground to finished product, also usually requires large amounts of energy and produces significant greenhouse gas emissions.

These negative impacts affect ecosystems, human health, and the economy. However, these costs of mining are often not included in the market price of metals, and therefore the "true cost" of metal extraction is actually much higher than it appears.

Metals are a finite resource, and whether or not we care about the impact of mining, extraction cannot continue indefinitely. However, metals are nearly ubiquitous in day to day life, and an important component of all sorts of products.

Mining and mineral processing enrich those who control the sources of mineral wealth. How can we minimize negative consequences without going back to the Stone Age? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Reducing the amount of metal required by society, re-using metal objects, and recycling all lower demand for metal ore.

Directly reducing demand is the most efficient and has no environmental impacts, re-using has a similar effect, and recycling is the least efficient of the three methods to lower demand. However, recycling is arguably one of the easiest for people to control, and can be undertaken with fewer changes in lifestyle.

All of the components of the waste hierarchy are, ultimately necessary for societies to use natural resources sustainably. Recycling Metal Metal Consumption An overview of US metal consumption forshowing the recycling rates for common metals.

Melted down metal from a discarded piece of junk is chemically identical to newly-refined metal from a mine. Even though it is possible to recycle the majority of the metal we use, only about half of the base metal supply came from recycled sources inthe most recent year surveyed.

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The case of aluminum is a good example of the positive and negative economic and sociological forces affecting recycling rates. However, it takes a surprising amount of energy to produce a single aluminum beverage can: In addition to the large energy and direct water usages associated with the production of aluminum, there are significant problems with mining pollution primarily air emissions and solid wastetransport pollution, and environmental impacts of massive hydroelectric projects.

A potent reminder of these problems appeared in Hungary in Octoberwhen a massive toxic spill from an aluminum smelter killed 10 people, injured dozens more, and contaminated multiple waterways. The vast majority of the energy is required in the early stages of metal production, making aluminum a prime candidate for recycling.

Because aluminum is so profitable to recycle, it often ends up subsidizing other recycling and pickup programs. Only about half of the billion easily-processed aluminum cans created each year in the US are recycled.

Even lower post-consumer recycling percentages are found in industries such as construction and car manufacture. So much aluminum is found in landfills that the concentration is actually higher than in the starting ore, and some people argue we should be mining the landfills themselves.

Essays on recycling and the environment

So what's our problem? The economic and environmental case for recycling aluminum is clear cut. It saves energy, money, and the environment.

Essays on recycling and the environment

Yet the rate of aluminum recycling is disappointing low, most likely due to a combination of sociological and logistical factors.What is Help the environment by recycling essay made for homework helper help?

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But he also advocated that managers have trouble conceiving what it is necessary to perform . Before knowing the importance and benefits of recycling and its relation to a better environmental condition, it is essential to understand what is recycling.

Recycling refers to the process of collecting used materials which are usually considered as 'waste' and reprocessing them.

Recycling 3 required for industrial smelting cause considerable environmental problems.

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Recycling reduces our impact on climate change Although recycling uses energy, overall it reduces climate emissions, as recycling a material.

The researchers, from Duke University and Vanderbilt University, used survey data from more than respondents in to examine the effects of different recycling regimes on the recycling rates for plastic water bottles.

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