Factors affecting the career choice of

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Factors affecting the career choice of

These psychologists are tasked with teaching and training future psychologists. They may also have research laboratories at colleges or universities dedicated to improving our understanding of psychology. Military psychologists not only provide mental health services to our armed forces but also perform research in this area.

Military Factors affecting the career choice of may also consult with Congressional committees or advise senior military personnel. This is an area that is now getting quite a bit of media attention as more individuals who have been deployed battle post-traumatic stress disorder.

General psychologists, as the name implies, work to combine the many disciplines of psychology into one cohesive area of psychology. While these individuals are not specialists, they are trained in many different areas and can appeal to individuals who have a variety of mental health issues.

The division of behavioral psychology, which includes comparative psychology, is tasked with the study of the biology of behavior. These psychologists are interested in the science of learning, memory, motivation, emotions, and thinking.

Behavioral psychologists with a focus in neuroscience are interested in how the brain regulates these things. Comparative psychology allows us to understand the evolution of behavior by studying animals. Clinical psychology focuses on the clinical practice of psychology. This division of the APA includes members who are not only practitioners seeing patients but also individuals whose research impacts the clinical practice of psychology.

The many areas of psychology help ensure that individuals can find practitioners trained in their areas of need as well as allowing psychologists to specialize in areas of interest.

Advantages of a Psychology Career For those who are interested in a psychology career, there are many advantages that they can look forward to. Psychologists can experience the fulfillment of the helping others, enjoy a high earning potential, can learn about people and how they think, and may have quite a bit of variety in their work.

Factors affecting the career choice of

Some people go into psychology wanting to help people, and a psychology career is an excellent means to find that fulfillment and satisfaction. Even at an otherwise routine appointment, there is an opportunity to help a person solely by listening.

Areas of Psychology

For some, this simple act can make an enormous difference, especially if they believe there is no one else willing to listen to their stories. There are some specialties or divisions of psychology where the act of helping is more overt, such as is the case for clinical psychology, but all psychologists have daily opportunities to feel fulfillment from helping their patients, including those in research settings.

Factors affecting the career choice of

One of the major advantages of a psychology career is the high earning potential. For individuals practicing in the I-O division, even higher salaries are available. Individuals who go into the field of psychology typically have a natural curiosity about human behavior in addition to a desire to help others.

It can be very exciting to learn about different people and the things that make those people different from each other. Treating individuals with mental illnesses can be intriguing from an intellectual standpoint.

While psychologists may see the same patient multiple times, they will continuously see new and different patients as well. As some patients graduate from therapy and move on, new patients with new concerns will arrive.

Additionally, new mental illnesses are still being defined and diagnosed. The potential exists for a practitioner to see new patients with new disorders on a regular basis.

There are several advantages to a psychology career, including the ability to help others, the high earning potential, the opportunity to learn about human behavior, and the variety inherent in the work. If these things seem of interest, psychology may be an appropriate career choice.

Disadvantages of a Psychology Career Like any job, individuals in psychology careers can identify disadvantages within the work. Some psychologists have described some problems of the job as being emotionally draining, dealing with difficult patients, needing to work long hours, and having insurance and billing issues.

This can be especially true for psychologists who have a natural desire to want to help their patients. For the psychologist who empathizes especially well with a patient or patients, this can mean lingering thoughts about those patients even after work has officially come to an end for the day.

It can be difficult to leave these concerns at the office, but thinking about them endlessly can be emotionally draining.

In addition to worrying about patients, psychologists can also be confronted with difficult patients. Some patients can project feelings onto a psychologist that strain the overall relationship and make treatment more challenging.

The psychologist must take care to avoid falling into the trap of interacting with these patients in a nonprofessional manner and projecting feelings of their own back onto the patient. When the therapist-patient relationship becomes truly dysfunctional, the psychologist must have the foresight to suggest an alternate therapist for the patient.

While some psychologists work traditional hours, many work long hours including nights and weekends. This is especially true for individuals in private practice who cater to patients who require more flexible appointment times.

Psychologists who work in facilities that operate twenty-four hours a day may also experience working nights and weekends by virtue of taking on shift work. Like many healthcare professionals, insurance and billing issues have dominated the psychology field as well.Career opportunities abound within today’s agribusiness and agriscience industry.

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International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 6, Issue 6, June 51 ISSN plombier-nemours.com Factors Affecting Career Track and Strand Choices of. A STUDY OF CAREER CHOICE FACTORS AND STUDENTS’ ACADEMIC SUCCESS AT AN AVIATION SCHOOL By JAMES FRANKLIN PENDERGRASS Bachelor .

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Psychology Career Educational Requirements

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When we think about career choice, several things immediately come to mind – job description, training and education required, career outlook, and salary – but there are a number of other factors that may influence your decisions.

Let's explore some of these factors as addressed by multiple career development theories.

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