Giordano marketing analysis

InGiordano started in Hong Kong selling casual clothes manufactured predominantly for the United States market by a Hong Kong—based manufacturer, the Comitex Group. Initially, Giordano focused on wholesale trade of high-margin merchandise under the Giordano brand in Hong Kong. Init scaled back on its wholesaler operation and started to set up its own retail shops in Hong Kong.

Giordano marketing analysis

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The company has a striving geographical growth program with recently successful operations in several Asian countries.

Combined with intense staff training regimes and a unique managerial approach, Giordano is also a market technological leader with highly efficient distribution channels. The relatively stable future predictions of the Hong Kong economy provide a certain level of planning confidence to marketing planning.

The Sino-British Joint Declaration in may, however, carry with it room for uncertainty and a possible economic downturn.

Giordano marketing analysis

The Hong Kong apparel industry is becoming increasingly competitive, driven by the free nature of the Hong Kong trade system. Company Description The Giordano label was introduced to the Hong Kong clothing retail market in as a relatively high-priced clothing retailer by the now well renowned marketing entrepreneur Jimmy Lai.

Since the company has undergone a corporate makeover to position itself as a high-quality retailer of casual discount clothes. The company has also undergone substantial geographic expansion from Hong Kong, into other geographic markets including Taiwan, China and Singapore.

The company has built a solid reputation for friendly, helpful service in a region where retailers frequently dissuade the customers from trying on clothes. Intensity of competition is quite high resulting in a need to determine and exploit competitive advantages through core competencies.

Up to date, Giordano has been successful by excelling in customer service, minimizing production costs, and applying the latest software technologies to link its stores with its factories. A focus needs to be pressed on innovation, to keep up ahead of the market, and retain excellent service among Giordano employees.

Most importantly, China, where there are a lot of untouched market segments. This can be achieved primarily through franchising, in order to maximise the rate of geographic expansion.

Other markets that we aim to continue expanding to include, South Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. The product needs to be differentiated from competitors, and as brand equity increases, Giordano will be able to raise prices.

This can be done through marketing campaigns that show Giordano as a quality, value-for-money product that is individual, trendy, and unique to Asia. Over the next three years, Giordano aims to develop the product, service, and operational sides of the business.

We see the source for the majority of growth coming from the Cantonese and Chinese markets.

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Hong Kong Technology The impact of technology on the clothing retail industry and its cost structures is at the forefront of corporate success.

E-commerce is forecast to revolutionalise the clothing industry through the application of the internet. The internet provides a low-cost solution to contact with associated parties: This is especially important in the clothing industry to ensure the rapid update of retailing inventory.

New laser-cutting and sewing technologies are also being adopted in the manufacturing sector, the application of which sees an increase in efficiency and possible output, as well as reduced labour requirements and long term costs.

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HKSAR is to have a high degree of autonomy, and enjoy executive, legislative and independent judicial power such that the currently enjoyed social and economic systems, lifestyles, right and freedoms will remain unchanged for at least 50 years.

Since growth in China is expected to moderate again inHong Kong is predicted to remain at about 5. Growth is generally associated with a rise in disposable incomes, thus consumers are tending to become decreasingly price sensitive. The Sino-British Joint Declaration is expected to bring a possible downturn in economic growth inalong with potential financial instability in the region due to the growing effect of inconsistent interest-rate policies and dollar hegemony.

Inflation levels for remained high at 8. Department of State The unemployment rate currently at 1.Giordano's offered "value for money" clothing, with no more than items in a store and 17 core items.

Giordano's opened a Giordano's Woman's line for woman's apparel, Giordano's Junior for the junior market, and a Bluestar Exchange for the budget-conscious customers. Introduction To Marketing “GIORDANO MARKETING ANALYSIS” GIORDANO’S SWOT Giordano was founded by Jimmy Lai in To give his venture a more sophisticated image, Lai picked an Italian name for his retail chain.

Giordano's opened a Giordano's Woman's line for woman's apparel, Giordano's Junior for the junior market, and a Bluestar Exchange for the budget-conscious customers.

Product was only half of what Giordano sells; service was the other half. Marketing Mix analysis Giordano consist a lot of products which are modern simplicity and style, such as shirts, tees, jackets, jeans, shorts, pants, shoes, socks, underwear, scarves, belts, bag and so on.

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