Herschell gordon lewis copywriting a book

Because of this, his rollicking, often hilarious sessions at Direct Marketing Association conferences were always standing room only. It was, without a doubt, the most popular feature in the magazine.

Herschell gordon lewis copywriting a book

Herschell Gordon Lewis passed away recently. Most people knew him as the "Godfather of Gore. His movies are unapologetic festivals of campy violence. He gained the same cult status in another area as well.

Lewis will be forever remembered as a master of direct-response copywriting. For those of us who happen to love the work and craft of copywriting, Lewis was an inspiring and entertaining teacher, as well as a consummate practitioner.

In his many seminars, webinars, articles, and books, Lewis unstintingly shared his lessons and insights about copywriting and marketing for business.

herschell gordon lewis copywriting a book

But Lewis was equally insightful when he turned his attention to copywriting for fundraising -- which, fortunately for us, he did often. Out of the countless ideas he shared about writing good fundraising copy, these three stand out for me: Building the fundraising message around what the individual -- the donor -- needs and wants is stronger in every way than building it around what the organization needs or wants.

This attitude is essential for effective communication in the 21st century. Use the motivators -- fear, exclusivity, greed, guilt, and need for approval -- but use them skillfully.

Often, a mere suggestion is all that it takes. As Lewis explained and demonstrated, these motivators are powerful. The best fundraising is episodic -- it presents anecdotes, narratives, and events to donors.

This makes both the problem and the solution real for donors, not theoretical. Lewis thought deeply about the nature of communication and the art of persuasion, and even more important, he showed us how and why to be better at them.

Or at least you should.

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Posted by Jeff Brooks on 11 October at Herschell Gordon Lewis was known as the "godfather of gore". He worked in advertising and financed most of his own films.

Lewis pioneered the horror genre in the s known as the "splatter film," which focused on gore and gruesomeness.

Herschell Gordon Lewis is one of the leading copywriters of the past half-century. He is author of 26 books, including Marketing Mayhem, The Advertising Age Handbook of Advertising, Selling on the Net, and Sales Letters That Sizzle. Mr/5(16). herschell forever!! We are floored and honored to announce the theatrical distribution of the Herschell Gordon Lewis filmography. For the first time ever, seven teen of Lewis’s most exceptional works are available on DCP starting October /5(3). I was very sad today to learn of the passing of Herschell Gordon Lewis at age But those of us in marketing know him for his copywriting genius. He wrote numerous books on the topic, including “The Art of Writing Copy,” an apt title because he truly did consider it an art. He had no patience for lazy or uncreative copy and wasn’t.

Herschell Gordon Lewis (June 15, – September 26, ) was an American filmmaker, best known for creating the "splatter" subgenre of horror films. Herschell Gordon Lewis is one of the leading copywriters of the last half-century.

He is the author of twenty-six books, including Selling on the Net, The Advertising Age Handbook of Advertising, and Sales Letters That Sizzle, and has created landmark ads and sales-driving ads . Herschell Gordon Lewis passed away recently.

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Most people knew him as the "Godfather of Gore." Lewis achieved cult status as the creator of such over-the-top horror films as "Blood Feast," "A Taste of Blood," "She Devils on Wheels," and "Two Thousand Maniacs." In fact, he pioneered the genre of horror known as the splatter film.

gurus Paul and Sarah Edwards report in their book, The Best Home-Based Businesses for the 21st Century, that an established, self-employed copywriter can earn between $80, and $, a year. This 10 Start & run a copywriting business-business. HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS – No discussion of direct marketing in the past 50 years would be complete without a mention – several mentions – of Herschell Gordon Lewis.

The author or co-author of more than 30 books, Herschell Location: SE 6th Avenue, Suite A, Delray Beach, , FL.

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