How to make a personal trainer business plan

You write a personal business plan to review your personal goals relating to your career, family and financial development. But writing a personal business plan is only the first step in a process.

How to make a personal trainer business plan

Is your personal fitness training business operating at full capacity? By that, I mean are you getting everything you can out of your personal training business? I want you to put all your preconceived ideas about fitness marketing to one side for a moment and let me tell you about some killer ideas that you probably never thought of.

These are going to be some way out of the box personal trainer marketing tactics — but they work. But over time and by doing a lot of trial and error I also discovered some KILLER marketing tactics that worked like crazy and no one was even using them.

And now that I teach fitness trainers the secrets and shortcuts to getting clients I get to share all of my hardcore fitness marketing systems and strategies with fitness pros who want to make a killing. But I soon discovered some personal training marketing methods that took my income from under 30K well into the six figure mark.

But you gotta trust me. It works for many of my top-coaching clients and it how to make a personal trainer business plan work for you if you put them into action.

These are things that will help you achieve total financial freedom. Focus ONLY on direct response marketing. Forget about traditional advertising or image building.

But direct response marketing is by far the best strategy ever because you can track it and hold it accountable. The formula for direct response is AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Get the reader to want your service. And finally ask them to take action. You want a deliberate call to action and not just an implied offer. Really though, hiring a group of trainers to work for you is where you want to end up. Telling you that you can be extremely successful only focusing on marketing a few hours a day would be a lie.

Marketing is the essential part of making your fitness business successful. One way I did this was to stop being the trainer and start being the marketer. You are better off hiring a group of personal trainers to work for you so you can focus your attention on the real important stuff like dialing in your fitness marketing systems.

There are other ways that you can leverage your time if you are not in a place to hire other trainers to work for you. The first is by devoting a certain amount of time to focus on marketing every single day.

This is time where you do not do anything that is outside the bounds of lead generation, contact or sign up. Use online marketing methods, too. Those are all fine, but you should also focus on online fitness marketing systems like craigs list and facebook client getting systems. Like I said there are over ways to get clients on this website.

But the foundation is really based on the three tips up above. Viral Marketing Ok, I feel the need to mention a few more fitness trainer marketing techniques that can be used by personal trainers.

how to make a personal trainer business plan

So, first of all what is viral marketing? I am sure you have heard the name before but let me break it down for you. Viral marketing places its fate in the contact that your current clients have with others. If you post something that is interesting and worthwhile to 10 people on Facebook chances are that each of those 10 are going to have repost it.

Now you have viewing your content. If each of those 30 has 3 friends who repost it you now have 90 people viewing content you have created.

how to make a personal trainer business plan

Ok, so how does this work for a personal trainer? Everything you need to know prior to using Facebook If you are effectively using SEO content you already have a blog or website.

This is called become a fan. This is one of the best things integrated into Facebook because people never have to leave Facebook to sign up with your website. So now all of your internet communications are going through Facebook.

Your website promotions, deals of the day and your blog all post to your Facebook account. But these elements must be in place if you hope to have something go viral and really produce a response that is going to get you a large number of leads.Become a personal trainer with an NASM certification.

We are the industry leader in personal trainer certifications. of group fi tness, personal training, and club ownership. It will prepare you to think about This student text is used in conjunction with the Starting a Fitness Business online course. personal trainer, or club manager, many have the desire to strike it out on their own: to start their own business.

You may be one of these new. Step 3 of personal trainer Max Lowery's 'press-up' progression list. Tom Joy. Personal trainer Max Lowery says push-ups should be the foundation of any bodyweight training programme.

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