How to write a story set in victorian times documentary

They need no contrivances to create places that are lonely and old, a place where bad things are kept hushed up instead of dealt with.

How to write a story set in victorian times documentary

The Victorian Short Story: A Brief History Philip V. Introduction to the Genre: Short Story and Novella.

There have always been "stories," of course; examples of short fiction — simple, straightforward narratives in prose or verse —are to be found in the folktales, ballads, fables, myths and legends of all nations and cultures.

At first they were circulated and passed on as part of an oral tradition; later they were written down, and with the advent of printing in the fifteenth century, published and sold. Lacking a traditional sense of the art and culture fostered by the aristocratic patron since the Middle Ages, the rising eighteenth-century middle class, buoyed up by capitalism and commerce, required entertainment to fill its leisure hours, but failed to find a satisfactory image of itself in contemporary drama and poetry, and so turned instead to prose fiction.

The author often begins the story close to, or even on the verge of, the climax, minimizes both prior exposition and the details of the setting, keeps the complications down, and clears up the denouement quickly — sometimes in a few sentences. With these writers the short story as a distinct genre came into being.

Some of these writers consciously formulated the short story as an art form.

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Henry at the close of the nineteenth century. Its first critical theorist, Poe defined the "prose tale" as a narrative that one might be able to read at a single sitting, which suggests a maximum length of 15, words. In the middle of the nineteenth century, a "sketch" might be factual or purely fictional; it might be set in the past or present; it might be farcical, historical, realistic, or supernatural; it might be whimsical or edifying; it would always be brief and character-based.

For the most part, the authors present their pieces as "sober accounts of actual if unusual happenings" Harris Because fiction was associated with pleasure rather than intellectual and improving content, the general denial of the fictional nature of a short story was a necessary antidote to the common prejudice against reading fiction.

The editors Victorian periodicals for the most part regarded their publications as socially improving, as vehicles for disseminating knowledge about culture, science, history, religion, and politics, so short story writers often attempted to suggest that their stories were reminiscences.

He asserts that the finest nineteenth-century British short stories are astonishingly honest and dry-eyed in their examination of human problems that, all too easily, might have been treated sentimentally, or with condescension.

They impress us by their economy of means; in them, the questions of why things happen as they do, and why people behave as they do, remain unanswered. Thackerayand George Eliot wrote compelling works of short fiction.

how to write a story set in victorian times documentary

Bates in The Modern Short Story, A Critical Surveyhowever, feels that until the last quarter of the nineteenth century the genre languished in Great Britain, even while it flourished in America, because "no single writer applied to it a technique different from that of the novel" Illustrative of Every-day Life and Every-day People, contends Allen, come closest to the modern conception of the short story because the impressions of London characters they convey are artistic rather than merely documentary, and because they are studies of temperament rather than merely anecdotal.

Edward Tagart," Letters VI: Dickens did not regard them as embryonic novels; what he set out to accomplish in each case, he usually achieved. The space allowed him permitted neither rounded characterization nor complicated plotting.

His Framed-Tale Themes" postulates that Dickens respected and valued the form of the short story, and that he felt that effective short fiction depends upon "a cohesive relationship among narrator, tale, and audience" The King of Sensation Although Edgar Allen Poe is often regarded as the originator of the detective story with "Murders in the Rue Morgue," Collins was the creator of the mystery novel, and wrote numerous shorter works about crime, detection, mystery, and the supernatural.

The macabre tale "A Terribly Strange Bed"Household Words Collins first displayed his talent for arousing suspense and excitement and for creating engaging personas with which to tell his tales, as well as his penchant for character-comedy and satire.

Although he realized early on in his career as a writer that serialised novels rather than short stories were money-makers, he remained fond of short fiction because "it was sufficiently baggy to accommodate almost any kind of complication" Orel The uncommonness must lie in the nature of the events and the culminating incident, the ordinariness in the natures of the characters.

Wrote Hardy under the guise of his second wife, Florence: Inhe stated: Unfortunately, to convince the reader of the historicity of the story he often indulged in cumbersome explanations regarding provenance and lengthy descriptions designed to provide verisimilitude.

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how to write a story set in victorian times documentary

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