Journey of mice and men

In the early s Steinbeck worked for the first surveying crew in the Big Sur area before the U.

Journey of mice and men

The physical aspect of journey in this novel was the traveling — George and Lennie running away from Weed because of something Lennie had done, and trying to find work on another ranch. The characters that undertake the most significant journeys would be George and Candy.

Throughout the whole journey, George was there with Lennie, guiding him along and getting him out of trouble. Another character who went through a significant journey was Candy, the disabled, isolated, unhappy, lonely and insecure old man.

He believes he is a worthless old man who, like his old dog, is just wasting away.

Why did this block occur?

No one would put him out of his misery like they did his dog; he would just be left to fend for himself out on the streets.

With the money he got from the accident where he lost his hand, Candy bought into the dream. The main themes of the text include journeys, friendship, loneliness, challenges and dreams. The themes of friendship and loneliness are embodied by the characters and their relationships on the ranch.

This is why they all found George and Lennie traveling together downright suspicious. The friendship that George and Lennie have allows them to dream, and thus, have hope, and without hope, there is no journey. Being African American, Crooks is isolated, and Candy is considered as useless as his dead dog who was his only friend.

The theme of outcasts is always significant as we often empathize the outcasts or underdogs. Also, it is usually the outcasts who undergo the most challenging journeys.

The impossibility of an American dream

Journeys are presented throughout the text through symbolism, a circular ending, dreams, challenges, and the physical aspect of journey. John Steinbeck uses nature as a warning or omen, similar to the way many Shakespearean texts manipulate nature. If Mother Nature is at peace, then all is at peace.

If Mother Nature is disrupted by storms and such, then all hell breaks loose and something drastic is going to happen. One the wind the sound of crashing in the brush came to them. Nature seems threatening in this circumstance.

Stenibeck uses this to show us that something will definitely go wrong. The circular ending reminds us that there has been a journey throughout the text. It compares the end with the beginning and emphasizes the progress achieved.

Journey of mice and men

The image of the Salinas river is repeated in the ending to signify a full circle. John Steinbeck uses the American dream as a sort of trigger or sense of drive for George and Lennie. The American dream gives them hope, and something to work for, thus a reason to live in the harsh conditions of the depression.Find the quotes you need in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, sortable by theme, character, or chapter.

From the creators of SparkNotes. Of Mice and Men – Final Project Choose two of the following activities for your final project. All work must include good writing practices, Simple Expectations, and show your understanding/mastery of commas and conjunctive adverbs. The Hero's Journey - Of Mice and Men by Kara Hill and Tom Gilkey George’s "ordinary world" is looking for a job with his friend Lennie.

He can't help dreading it, however, he knows he needs the money to support he and Lennie in the meantime. At this point George is being completely normal with life, unknowing of the obstacles he will have to face. Of Mice and Men Oct 19 - Nov 17 at Copaken Stage A pair of migrant workers in Depression-era California move from town to town in search of work, and dream of buying land and owning a ranch someday.

Start studying Of Mice and Men Ch. 3. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The heroic journey is made up of the Departure, Initiation and the Return.' and find homework help for other Of Mice and Men questions at .

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