Motor cyclists essay

Poets, presidents, prime ministers and prime-time newscasters have said great things about cycling.

Motor cyclists essay

Motor cyclists essay

It also helps kids develop judgment and self-confidence, safe practices and lifelong skills. The most import part of having fun cycling is to learn to do it safely. The attitudes parents instill in their child now will help to determine how he or she will ride for years to come. The basic set of rules for beginning bicyclist are: No playing in the road.

Motor cyclists essay

No riding on busy streets. Stop and look before entering a roadway to cross or for any other reason. Bicycle ride with traffic regardless of whether it is on the road, on the shoulder or on a sidewalk.

Stop for all stop signs and obey all other traffic signs and signals. Make your own decisions don't do something just because a frie 7. Keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times -- two is better. No riding at night -- even in broad daylight bright cloths are good.

Even if you are doing everything else safely and right please doit is a good idea, and sometime the law, to wear a bicycle helmet. Bicycle gloves are a second good piece of personal protective equipment.

The specific safety issue for children change dramatically by age and the kind of environment they are riding in.

How bike helmets may be harmful

In general terms the sequence is about like this: Child first learn to bicycle at obstacle-free park, courts basketball or tennisparking lot or driveway. The are taught balance, steering and pedaling.

They need to keep their speed commensurate with their skills. Here he or she starts to encounter pedestrians and hazards like cracks in the pavement, glass, debris, poles, benches, etc, and possibly other vehicles.

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Cyclist start to speed up. It needs to be reinforced that they need to keep control of the bike and THINK about avoiding hazards and obstacles.

Most bicycle accidents don't involve motor vehicles. Most bike accidents, especially for kids, are falls, collisions with stationary objects, collisions with pedestrians or collisions with other bikes. Child will then gets to corner and want to cross the street, or child starts to ride into the road at some other point i.

Child needs the discipline to ALWAYS stop and look both ways for moving vehicle, and wait for the light if appropriate. Child are poor at judging speed and "closing distance". They should wait for all vehicles to stop or to pass before crossing. Four lane roads are particularly treacherous because a vehicle in a near lane can block the view of a vehicle in lanes behind it.

While accidents with cars are statistically small, procedures for entering the environment of motor vehicles merit extra scrutiny and practice for beginning cyclists.

Some kids will be lucky enough to have access to zero traffic cul-de-sacs and severely "traffic calmed" streets, but even in these situations the rules-of-the road should be introduced and followed and parents need to be weary because motorist can't be trusted to share the space.

This also reinforces patterns they will need when the transitions to riding in the street. Hopefully they will see a bicyclist coming from the left on the sidewalk adjacent to the near left lane.

Too often they won't see a cyclists on the near right sidewalk when they are look off to the far right lane. If the driver plans to turn right they may hardly even look left. The problem is not so acute for pedestrians because they generally don't travel as fast and they can stop almost instantly if they see a car is not going to yield -- but pedestrians approaching from the left are more at peril as well and get clobbered too often as well.

Thank you, for emphasizing riding with traffic whether on sidewalks or roadways. Four years ago I hit a fifteen year old boy at an intersection with my car. I was making a right turn and he was riding down a steep hill against traffic on the sidewalk.

A witness from across the street told the police it looked like the boy was trying to beat the light and that I looked left-right-left then crept into my turn. I never saw him he was blocked from my vision by a light post until he bounced off my hood. He is alive today because I always come to a complete stop at that intersection since it is dangerous.There are some truths that I strive to preach, for lack of a better word, in today's information-culture wars propagated in our corrupt mainstream media.

In many cities of the world, bicycle infrastructure projects are implemented to foster more sustainable transportation systems. However, such projects have often raised questions regarding their public funding, as they entail considerable costs.

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