Phd thesis on adsorption of dyes

Volume 36, Issue 3JunePages A review on the utilization of fly ash Author links open overlay panel M. Ahmaruzzaman Show more https: Because of the environmental problems presented by the fly ash, considerable research has been undertaken on the subject worldwide.

Phd thesis on adsorption of dyes

Adsorption of dyes thesis Adsorption and charge transfer dynamics of photovoltaic and photocatalytic dye-sensitizers. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham.

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The utilization of cellulose dye adsorption on. Polyaniline nanotubes PANI NTs base has been utilized as an adsorbent for the removal of cationic dyes such as methylene blue MB from aqueous solution. Experiments were conducted by varying parameters of initial concentration of MB and contact time.

The percentage of color removal decreased with the increase of initial dye concentration. Adsorption equilibrium of the dye was reached after min of contact time.

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Equilibrium data were fit to Langmuir, Freundlich, and Tempkin isotherms, and their constants were determined. The pseudo-first-order, pseudo-second-order, and the intraparticle diffusion kinetic models were applied to the experimental data.

It was observed that the pseudo-second-order kinetic model described the adsorption process better than any other kinetic model. Adsorption of dyes using different types of clay: This work focuses on the synthesis and the modification of mesoporous silica SBA using in-situ polymerization of polypyrrole.

In order to study the effect of polypyrrole contents on the structural, textural and dye adsorption properties, several polypyrrole contents were dispersed and analyzed by various techniques such as X-ray diffraction XRDnitrogen sorption at 77 K, thermogravimetric analysis TGAFourier transform infrared spectroscopy FTIR and scanning electronic microscopy SEM.

Phd thesis on adsorption of dyes

The obtained materials were tested for the removal of cationic and anionic dyes. The effect of pH, contact time, adsorbent dose, and initial dye concentration were investigated and discussed in terms of adsorption efficiency.

The experimental data were verified by the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms, and the kinetic data were fitted by pseudo-first-order and pseudo-second-order models. The adsorbed amounts recorded for MO and MB dyes are Willy Lange, Oct. 31, - May 19, ; studied chemistry at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Berlin, Germany.

PhD thesis on the action of sulfuric acid on fluorspar and properties of fluosulfonic acid. Corn stalks are suitable for the adsorption of methylene blue dye and could be used as a low cost effective adsorbent in the treatment of the industrial wastewater.

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thesisPhd Thesis Adsorption phd thesis adsorption Phd thesis on biosorption of heavy metals. Prof Rein Ulijn PhD Msc FRSC FRSE.

Rein Ulijn's research is focused on peptide nanotechnology.

Phd thesis on adsorption of dyes

He is founding Director of the Nanoscience Initiative at the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) at CUNY, New York.

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