Should a high school curriculum be

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Should a high school curriculum be

This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments. We want them to make wiser decisions, build stronger relationships, and develop a deeper faith.

And we want them to be in a small group of peers connected to a consistent adult who can guide their spiritual growth. But Orange provides a strategic curriculum that aligns leaders and programs so that every child in your ministry grows up with an authentic faith in Jesus.

Although each curriculum has a unique age-group focus, every lesson recycles an essential idea that is connected to a master plan.

If you hope to translate the essence of Scripture to the heart of a kid or teenager, you need to understand how they are wired. A 6th grader has different spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental needs than a high school senior. Biblical truth needs to be presented in a way that is personally relevant if you want it to stick.

For the past three years, Orange has partnered with the Phase Project to conduct hundreds of hours of research, interviews, surveys, and conversations with leaders who invest in the lives of kids and teenagers.

Our writers, editors, video producers and creative directors continually seek new, innovative ways to say, show and teach timeless Biblical truths to every age-group from birth to graduation.

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Simple for parents to implement at home Whereas a church only has 40 hours of potential influence with kids each year, the average parent or guardian has 3, hours of potential influence. Over the past decade, Orange has partnered with research organizations like Fuller Youth Institute and Barna to discover what is changing about the landscape of families in our communities.

No matter where your church is located, we know this is true: You are surrounded by married parents, single parents, re-married parents, adoptive parents, un-churched parents, and grandparents who are parenting again. Supported by a network of experienced leaders Each church is assigned an Orange Specialist to personally assist in implementing curriculum and strategy.

These specialists have real world experience as a family ministry leader, and each one has helped hundreds of churches just like yours.

They are well-equipped to provide innovative solutions for every ministry context. Whether your church has regular attendees or 25, the Orange Specialist assigned to you will be trained and experienced to help churches of your specific size.

The team at Orange works with specialists in child development, parenting, leadership, education, and service organizations to make sure we are always learning from other learners. And Orange Specialists talk to over 48, leaders every year who do what you do in churches of every size, denomination, region, and demographic.

In fact, for every hour of time you give a kid, Orange gives you over hours of research, writing, and support. Easy to customize for YOUR church Orange was the first curriculum to launch an online, fully-customizable church curriculum over ten years ago.

From the beginning, our mission has been to make it as easy as possible for churches to win in their community.

Should a high school curriculum be

That means that we want to give you the resources you need, in the way you need them, with a high level of flexibility. Bend it, shape it, make it your own. Based on weekly conversations with leaders in small churches, large churches, city churches, and rural churches, Orange is innovating once again.

Designed for relational discipleship The Orange strategy emphasizes a relational approach to ministry by providing resources for consistent adult leaders to engage kids and teenagers every week.

When you put a trusted adult beside a parent in the life of a child or teenager, you provide an additional voice reinforcing core values. Every month, Orange writes over a million words and produces over 25 videos all with one purpose:Learn why the Common Core is important for your child.

What parents should know; Myths vs. facts.

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Books that they should have in high school curriculum. The books they make us read in high school are AWFUL! I decided that we should make a list of good books with deep meanings that we should have high school students read.

I am a volunteer mentor to middle school and high school young men in my community and have learned that English vocabulary and reading comprehension are the two areas of greatest need to raise the overall academic performance of students to the level required for higher education.

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Homeschooling High School Curriculum Overview Time4Learning can be used with a broad array of student types, learning styles, and homeschooling majority of the families using Time4Learning are homeschoolers. Carnegie Units Defining a high-school education.

by Barney J. Brawer.

You have ONE job.

There may be much speculation about the origin of the education species that is the American high school. Cristo Rey Jesuit High School-Twin Cities is part of the nationwide Cristo Rey Network of 32 high schools that provide a quality, Catholic, college preparatory education to underrepresented urban youth.

Through rigorous academics, coupled with real world work experience, Cristo Rey students graduate high school prepared for success in college and in life.

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