Style six

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Style six

And today I felt like a queen. Does it show on my face? Seriously, I really like this outfit. I had to go visit CVS after work to determine when my next refill of anti-asshole meds were going to be refilled. As well, I needed to make sure that both of my meds are now being handled by a much more efficient CVS.

I caught my reflection in the glass doors of the CVS, and marveled at my style.

Style six

It does bring up a good point though. If you have been a reader of this blog for just about any length of time you may very well be aware of the almost crippling doubt that I have suffered with. That would be I am making serious progress on improving my self image!

That whole, estrogen and anti-testosterone thing with the meds and all has helped. But what has helped even more, is actually freeing myself from my own self imposed restrictions. Being able to give myself the freedom to be myself, and to trust that other people are actually good decent humans that really only want to experience connections with others, has been absolutely life changing.


Today, I did the usual, I went to work and taught my little heart out to my middle school lovelies. It was a short day and we had a teacher work session for a couple of hours in the afternoon. The work thing went great.

Style six

I went to CVS, that went great. I went to Lowes, and that went great. All it all, it was a super normal, and yet totally awesome day that left me smiling and savoring the beauty in the small simple things.

Slowly, bit by bit, I notice that how I view myself is changing. However, when I started actually dressing as me, I knew for a fact that I was a super uggo of the 10th degree as a woman.

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All I could ever see was what made me look like a man. It clouded my vision immensely.

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It is not as though the estrogen has taken hold of me and warped my face magically into a super model. Can I say again, no?

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However, there is something different about my appearance that is kind of hard to pinpoint. Keeping my face shaved, wearing all of my lovely clothes, and makeup almost every day has seriously helped as well. Today I saw my reflection and dare I say it?

I thought I actually looked cute. Find what you need to do to believe you are the queen.Last January, on the eve of the Australian Open, Serena Williams handed her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian, a paper bag containing six positive pregnancy tests.

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