Terminator seeds and its effects on

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Terminator seeds and its effects on

Just as the Emperor shaped His warriors with His will and intellect, so too did Terra leave her mark on the warriors raised from her soil. To understand how many of the Legions became as they were, one must first understand Terra. Soaked in blood, ignorance and atrocity, Ancient Terra in the time before the rise of the Emperor was devoid of hope and existed in a state of darkness.

The only order was that of tyrants: The Emperor changed that -- first with His hosts forged from the techno-barbarian tribes, then with his army of gene-forged Thunder Warriorsthen with the creation of the Legiones Astartes.

With blood and fire he tamed Terra, bringing order and enlightenment where before there had been none. It was this transformation that the VII Legion was made to protect. The first battalions of the VII Legion were raised from across Terra as shown by their earliest battle honour, "Roma".

While many other Legions drew their recruits from a particular source, the flesh of the VII Legion came from Terra as a whole.

Often these would be those who exhibited the Terminator seeds and its effects on capacity for endurance, both in mind and body. Many were of a taciturn nature, slow to talk but quick to act. Why so many of such a wide pool of recruits should be similar is unclear.

It is also possible that a pattern of recruitment once formed perpetuated until it was tradition.


No matter the reason, the grim nature of those recruited into the VII Legion was well-suited to their use. In war the VII Legion was concerned with conquest.

Terminator seeds and its effects on

Defeat the enemy, tear down his strongholds, break his beliefs and still you would have a land that could turn against the Imperium in the future, or provide other enemies with a weakness to strike at.

This philosophy underpinnned every action of the VII Legion. In attack they would pay any price in their own blood to secure victory, and once they had victory they would begin to consolidate what they had taken.

This pattern can be seen time and again in the later conquest of Ancient Terra. In the ice-wrapped pinnacles of Himalazia they lost three battalions to secure the defeat of the witchery of the Wind Caller clans, but the first Imperial bastions began to rise against the cold sky within solar days of that victory.

Across Terra the fruits of their fortress-craft gazed down on those who dwelt in the land around, a constant sign that the strength which had conquered them remained, rooted into the earth.

In the first decade of their existence, the Imperial Fists raised six hundred citadels upon the lands of the conquered. It is said that the dead of the Legion lie still in the foundations of each, their skulls and blood mingling with the stone and mortar of their walls.

With these bastions pinning the conquered lands to the Imperium, order would spread amongst the people of these new domains. The old ways would change, fall or be replaced by the new, and if they did not then the looming fortress would answer the question of what the response to rebellion would be.

The VII Legion were more than builders and castellans. Fortresses solidified conquest, and the VII Legion sought conquest with a focused hunger. While fortresses and ordered domains sprang up in their wake, the VII Legion would never linger, but were always moving on, invading uncompliant domains and pushing the frontiers even as they reinforced what they had just taken.

Multiple battalions often took to the field en masse, breaking enemies with hammer blow force.The target market for the Terminator is the South’s farmers who produce 15 to 20 percent of the world’s food supply, and “the top 10 seed corporations control 30 percent of the seed .

its herbicidal effects, an increase of as much as 50% in allergies to soy have been documented. Increases in mycotoxins such as aflatoxins are also seen in crops grown on glyphosate. Oct 18,  · This idea presumably has its roots in a real genetic modification (dubbed the Terminator Gene by anti-biotech activists) that can make a plant produce sterile seeds.

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